In this category we invite applications from financial service providers authorized or listed by the Central Bank of Hungary (MNB).

  • Egy ügyfélközpontú megoldással, bármilyen plaformra – mobil vagy desktop megoldás, vagy akár cross-device élmény, amely több digitális ügyfélkapcsolódási pontot tartalmaz.
  • Digitális folyamatokkal vagy eddig fizikai csatornákon létező folyamatok alaptoktól újragondolt, digitalizált részfolyamataival, amelyek megnövekedett ügyfélélményt eredményeznek.
  • Olyan megoldással, amely az elmúlt két évben indult el a piacon és a nevezés benyújtásának időpontjában az ügyfelek számára széleskörűen elérhető.
  • Teljeskörű mobilbanki alkalmazással nem lehet pályázni.

Ehhez a kategóriához kétféle pályázati anyagot várunk:

1. Publikus adatok

  • A projekt neve, pályázó neve, UX fejlesztők nevei.
  • A probléma és a megoldás leírása, miért kiemelkedő.
  • A projekt leírása (hogyan oldotta meg az adott problémát).
  • Rövid film a termékről, képek, cég logója, weboldal címe, alkalmazás linkek.

2. A zsűri számára elérhető további anyagok

  • Részletes pályázati leírás, amely bemutatja, hogy miként támogatja az ügyfeleket a pénzügyi életük menedzsmentjében az alkalmazás / funkció.
  • Rövid (max 60 mp-es) videó, ami bemutatja a pályázatot a zsűri számára.
  • Demo hozzáréférés a zsűri számára (pl. demo user, teszt készülék, egy „irányított” hozzáférés).

The application should be submitted in English.

Customer*-first approach (30%)

  • High quality end-to-end customer experience.
  • It fits into the customer's payment habits.

Hungarian market potential (35%)

  • A specific, significant target segment in Hungary.
  • Addresses a specific and significant market need in Hungary.
  • Furthers the spread of digital payments.
  • The service has vision and growth potential in the Hungarian consumer and/or business segment.
  • Implementation is supported by appropriate customer education and communication.
  • Solution has a sustainable business model.
  • Solution adds value to Hungarian market based Customers.

Innovation (35%)

  • Delivers improvement in at least one aspect for the actors involved in the value chain (it can also be an efficiency improvement).
  • The solution addresses the problem adequately.
  • It takes full advantage of the technology.
  • It deviates from legacy solutions.
  • The technology used is future-proof.
  • Provides improved Customer experience
  • Provides advantegous pricing model in line with the proposition
*Customer can be a natural person as well as a business

You are invited to upload a presentation (in pptx. format) that showcases the features of your services and addresses the main evaluation criteria of the category.

You will also provide our Jury with access to your technology or service (total of 3 testing devices with the application installed). Please send your test devices to the following address:
LocalTime Budapest Kft.
1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 49. IV/7.

  • Péter Forrai

    independent business expert

    Péter has spent most of his career in finance. He started his career in marketing at a French insurance company, followed by more than 20 years of work at OTP Bank. There he was responsible for running accounts, debit cards, digital channels and customer service. Later he also became a member of the management board at several foreign and domestic subsidiary banks. In the last six years of his career, as Vice CEO, he managed the areas of postal products, cash flow, sales and digitalisation at the Hungarian Posta. He also became a board member at Díjbeszedő Holding, Díjnet and Posta Biztosító companies.

  • Gábor Lemák



    After graduating from the Budapest University of Economics in 2004, he started his career by working on the analysis of the online Hungarian economy at a subsidiary of GKI Gazdaságkutató Zrt. In 2008 he became the leader of the largest info communications cluster initiated by Magyar Telekom. Later in 2011 he was named the General Secretary of the Hungarian Mobile Wallet Association, founded by Magyar Telekom, Telenor, Vodafone, OTP Bank and Mastercard. In 2015, he was selected as one of the TOP25 ICT managers. Later that year he co-founded FinTechGroup Digital Financial Technologies Centre. Under the FinTechGroup umbrella, he had launched, the FinTechShow and PayTechShow events. He has also co-authored several fintech publications.

  • Daniel van Delft



    Daniel van Delft is the CEO of Currence, the product owner of payment brands iDEAL, Incassomachtigen (e-mandates), Acceptgiro (paper payment requests) and of iDIN, the collective digital identity service of Dutch banks.
    Daniel started his career in marketing at Pon Automotive and switched to the payment sector in 2001. He has 20 years of experience in various managerial roles in payments. From product and account management at ICS, via European responsibility for card payments at Fortis Bank to overall responsibility for Visa in the Netherlands.
    In recent years at Visa, Daniel was responsible for the introduction and expansion of V PAY in the Netherlands, the implementation of contactless card payments in public transport and the introduction and expansion of contactless mobile card payments, including Apple Pay.
    At Currence, amongst others, Daniel oversees the development and implementation of the new iDEAL, with a completely new and improved API-based infrastructure, easier connection for issuers, acquirers, PSPs and merchants and a platform that allows partners to develop and launch value added services for the iDEAL payment scheme. The introduction of the new iDEAL involves a close technology partnership with Payconiq International and a major expansion of the Currence organisation.
    Daniel is fifty-two years old, married and has two children.

Entries will be accepted until 15 November 2023 and can be submitted at

Each applicant may submit one entry per category.

The first three places in each category will receive awards.